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President Clinton's impeachment trial began in the Senate on January 7th.  He was acquitted on Lincoln's Birthday.

Linda Tripp was indicted by a grand jury on charges of violating Maryland's wiretap laws. Monica Lewinsky expressed her feelings about Tripp in a Saturday Night Live sketch in which John Goodman portrayed Tripp on a call-in show.

5 died and over 100 were injured when a rare force-4 tornado ripped a mile-wide path through Haysville and Witchita, Kansas. A force-5 tornado killed 46 and injured 800 in the Oklahoma City area.

The Republican frontrunner for the presidential primary, George W. Bush, said questions about whether or not he used cocaine in college were part of a political media game.

Technicians scrambled to fix "Y2K bugs," problems that could render computers unusable should their two-digit date systems change years from 99 to 00.

John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife, Carolyn Bessette, and her sister, Lauren, died when the small plane he was piloting plane crashed into the ocean off the coast of Massachusetts.

Despite the fact that crime in the U.S. was steadily decreasing, there were several high-profile multiple-shooting murders during the year. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed 11 students, 2 faculty members and themselves at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. In Atlanta, a live-in boyfriend killed a family of six and then himself. 17 days later in the same city, day trader Mark Barton entered a brokerage firm complex, killed 9, wounded 13 and killed himself. 3 died in two multiple-shooting incidents in Salt Lake City. Buford Furrow, Junior was charged with wounding 5 at a Los Angeles community center, then killing a mail carrier. 7 died when Larry Ashbrook tossed a bomb into a Fort Worth church, then shot 14 people and himself. A disgruntled employee killed 7 co-workers at a Xerox repair facility in Honolulu. A man wearing camouflage wounded 2 and killed 2 at a Seattle shipyard.

Sounding eerily like the type of calls he had introduced on Rescue 911, William Shatner phoned emergency services to report that he'd found his wife at the bottom their pool. She had drowned after falling in while drunk.

Tapes were released of O.J. Simpson making a non-emergency 911 call in Florida to complain about his girlfriend.

Laws were passed to prevent sweepstakes mailing abuses, after several companies that used mail contests to promote the sale of products were found to have committed fraud.

While the World Trade Organization met in Seattle, the media focused on widespread protests in the city's streets.

John King and William Brewer were sentenced to death for the dragging murder of a black man in Jasper, Texas.

The U.S. mourned the deaths of six Worcester, Massachusetts firefighters - the most to lose their lives in a single blaze. They had gone back into a fully-involved building on a false tip that some homeless people were inside. A memorial service, which was broadcast nationally, was attended by fire department representatives from throughout North America.

The jury in a wrongful death trial determined that Martin Luther King, Junior's convicted assassin, James Earl Ray, had been the patsy in a government-mafia conspiracy. Ray had died a year earlier while still serving his sentence.

A Colorado grand jury returned no indictments in the murder of little-girl model JonBenet Ramsey, citing a lack of evidence.

The New York Yankees won their 25th World Series championship of the 1900s.

Sports legends Joe DiMaggio, Wilt Chamberlain and Walter Peyton died. Golfer Payne Stewart was among 5 killed on a runaway lear jet. Investigators say the jet lost cabin pressure, causing its occupants to pass out and flew uncontrolled from Florida to South Dakota before crashing.

Clayton Moore, best known as television's Lone Ranger, died of a heart attack at 85.

Other deaths among celebrities:  singer-songwriters Curtis Mayfield and Mel Torme, film critic Gene Siskel, blues pioneer Charles Brown, saxophonist Grover Washington, Jr., director Stanley Kubrick and actors George C. Scott, Madeline Kahn and DeForest Kelley.

Japan's Pokemon card and video games became enormously popular with America's children. Pokemon: The First Movie had the most lucrative Thanksgiving weekend film opening of the 1900s.

Several surveys named Barbie as the most popular toy of the 1900s and she made her movie debut in the box office blockbuster Toy Story 2.

Upon her 19th nomination, Susan Lucci won her first Daytime Emmy for her role in All My Children.

Woodstock '99 was a far cry from the original 1969 peace-and-love-fest as concert-goers were arrested for vandalism, burglary, rape, assault and arson.

Just days before former Beatle George Harrison was injured in a stabbing attack by a deranged fan at his English estate, a delusional woman was arrested for breaking into and living inside his Maui, Hawaii getaway.

Hit tunes included I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys, You'll Be In My Heart - from the soundtrack of Disney's Tarzan - by Phil Collins and Mambo #5 by Lou Bega.

Ignoring the fact that a new century and millennium would actually begin with the year 2001, concert promoters, advertisers and the media - plus a majority of the public - considered New Year's Eve 1999 to be the moment of the transition.

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