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Former Secretary of the Interior James Watt pleaded guilty to grand jury-tampering in a 1980s HUD influence-peddling investigation.

55 people perished as a result of a blizzard which dropped record amounts of snow from Maine to South Carolina.

Billionaire John duPont was charged with the shooting death of Olympic wrestler Dave Schultz.

5 died when a Navy F-14 fighter crashed into a residential neighborhood in Nashville.

12 were killed and 39 injured when Amtrak and Maryland Rail Commuter trains collided during heavy snow outside Washington, D.C.

John Salvi III was convicted of murder in the 1994 attacks on two Massachusetts abortion clinics. He killed himself in his jail cell eight months later.

After a tip to authorities from his brother, the notorious mail-bomb terrorist known as the Unabomber - Ted Kaczynski - was arrested at a remote cabin outside of Lincoln, Montana.

Former congressman Dan Rostenkowski was sentenced to 17 months in prison and ordered to pay $100,000 in fines on two counts of mail fraud.

7-year-old Jessica Dubroff was killed while attempting to become the youngest person to fly cross-country. Her father and a flight instructor also died when the overweight plane attempted to take off during bad weather in Wyoming.

109 died when ValuJet flight 592 crashed into the Everglades.

230 perished when TWA flight 800 exploded off Long Island, New York.

Nearly 200,000 school children were part of a rally at the Lincoln Memorial to protest Congress' cuts in social and educational programs.

8 people died when a Scottstown, Ohio fireworks store caught fire and exploded on the day before Independence Day.

Lyle and Erik Menendez were sentenced to life without parole following their convictions for slaying their parents.

Richard Allen Davis was convicted and sentenced to death in the high-profile murder of 12-year-old Polly Klaas from Petaluma, California.

During testimony in the Whitewater case, President Clinton denied he had attempted to obtain an illegal loan for the venture. James and Susan MacDougal and Arkansas Governor Jim Tucker - former business partners of Bill and Hillary Clinton - were convicted of fraud. Susan MacDougal was held in contempt for refusing to tell a grand jury whether or not President Clinton perjured himself. Herby Branscum, Jr. and Robert Hill were cleared of misusing bank funds.

President Clinton - on a theme of bridging the gap to the 21st century - defeated Bob Dole to keep his presidency, but Republicans remained in control of Congress.

The U.S. fired cruise missiles into Iraq after the country invaded safe havens for the Kurds. The next day, U.S. forces destroyed an Iraqi radar site after Iraqi anti-aircraft missiles fired on U.N. forces in the No-Fly Zone.

Evander Holyfield defeated Mike Tyson for the heavyweight championship.

Radio, TV and movie comedian George Burns died at age 100.

Upon learning the clothing products bearing her name may have been made by children in foreign sweatshops, Kathie Lee Gifford implored investigators to ban offending manufacturers from exporting goods to the United States.

"Pigmania" was taking place with the popularity of the movie Babe, but it was the Sesame Street doll Tickle Me Elmo that caused stampedes at American toy stores during the Christmas season.

Three productions each received four Tony Awards:  RentBring In 'Da Funk and the revival of The King And I.

A paralyzed Christopher Reeve received a 3-minute standing ovation when he appeared at the Academy Awards ceremony.

Elizabeth Taylor filed for divorce from husband #7, Larry Fortensky.

Lisa Marie Presley filed for divorce from Michael Jackson. 10 months later, Jackson married his plastic surgeon's nurse, Debbie Rowe, who was pregnant with his baby.

Madonna gave birth to a daughter, Lourdes Maria Ciccone.

Rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg was acquitted of murder in a gang slaying.

Hit songs included I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly and Sunny Came Home by Shawn Colvin.

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