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On the 200th anniversary of George Washington's birth, his portrait debuted on the U.S. quarter-dollar coin.

Although she'd already flown across the Atlantic with a team, Amelia Earhart made the first female transatlantic solo flight from Newfoundland to Ireland in 13 hours, 32 minutes.

The baby of aviator Charles Lindbergh and his wife Anne Morrow Lindbergh was kidnapped and held for ransom. Despite paying a $50,000 ransom, Charles, Junior was found dead from exposure and starvation in a grassy area 5 miles from the Lindbergh's home. Illegal German immigrant and ex-convict Bruno Hauptmann was arrested when he was found to be in possession of the remainder of the marked ransom money. Hauptmann was later convicted and executed.

As the unemployed reached 13,000,000, Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected in a landslide over incumbent Herbert Hoover.

Columnist Walter Winchell began regular news and commentary radio broadcasts. Vaudevillians Jack Benny and Burns & Allen began their long-running radio shows.

The depression spawned the hit songs In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town and Brother, Can You Spare Me A Dime?

When Radio City Music Hall opened at Christmas-time, it was the largest indoor theater in the world.

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